Summer Fear Part IV

And we’re back! Can you believe it? Another year and Summer Fear is here.

1. Coveralls. Check!
2. Kitchen knife. Check!
3. Captain Kirk mask. Wait…what?

Gather up your blood soaked items for your best Michael Myers costume kids because special guest actor & stunt man Don Shanks will be at the Tatamagouche Grain Elevator on August 23rd. It’s not just Don Shanks in on this year’s shenanigans, we’ve got Nick Bradshaw, Carmen McKay, The Blackrats​​, Andre Myette and the boys and girls from the East Coast Comic Expo​ just to mention a few.​ Don’t miss out. This year there’s no survivors!

If you’re the swag type we’ve got you covered, a limited number of gold VIP’s are available on our site now, don’t wait, they’ll be gone. Summer Fear



Carmen McKay!

Carmen McKay will be setting up at Summer Fear this summer so this is not a year to miss! Check out her stuff at this link here.

Also, check out the sweet post card Carmen did for us, she will be selling them at Summer Fear.



Crystal Lake Industries

A new vendor has been added to the Summer Fear line up for this summer. Check ’em out!
You’ve never seen “Jason masks” this good before, visit them at:

Jim Dorie June 20th

Don’t miss a great song writing talent and a North Shore fav Jim Dorie next month (June 20, 7:30 PM) for an intimate show at your friendly neighbourhood grain elevator.



Summer Fear has a table set up at the East Coast Comic Expo today., woot woot!

Check out their site here…link


Hope to see some Summer Fear fans there!

SF 3 Poster

Sweet ass Summer Fear 3 poster by Mike Purdy from Tatamagouche. Thank you!


Sleep…on YouTube

Legally? No idea, but the full movie of “Sleep Away Camp” is posted on YouTube. Watch it! Get pumped for August 10th, you will not regret it. Or, if you’re just nostalgic and long for your Bible Camp days, it still qualifies for a watch…until the last 5 mins anyway…then things take an unbiblical turn.


Just in case some of you East Coasters haven’t heard of “Thrillema”, here’s a clip of Jason Eisener (Hobo With A Shotgun) telling you what it is.

Here’s the link to their screening schedule:

Sunday Flea Market


Wanna make some extra cash? Wanna find that elusive bakelite bracelet, star wars action figure or “what the heck is that?” item? Insert Tatamagouche Grain Elevator Flea Market here. Starts Sunday Sunday Sunday!… May 26th, and runs every Sunday for the rest of the season.

Feel free to call for selling details: 902.657.1040

Summer Fear Part 3

Summer Fear Part 3 is quickly creeping up and we know everyone has been wondering who the special guest is going to be this year…

Felissa Rose


That’s right!
Felissa Rose, best known for playing Angela Baker in “Sleepaway Camp” will be joining us this summer at the grain elevator for Summer Fear Part 3. You do not want to miss this!
Be sure to check out Felissa’s Wikipedia page to brush up on your horror fandom.